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Lloyd security is known for its friendly and professional security system specialists. We truly look forward to assisting you! If you’re searching for an alarm system in Minneapolis and the surrounding area that is capable of maintaining the safety of your home, office or business, Lloyd Security answers the call. We’re a full-service provider of advanced security systems that meet your needs and fit your modern lifestyle. Our fully automated systems will not only keep out intruders, but they can also provide the power to monitor and control your entire home 24/7 from wherever you can access the Internet.

Lloyd Security provides state of the art Home Automation for homes in the Minneapolis area and the surrounding cities. With Lloyd Security’s Home Automation Systems you can make sure you locked the front door, keep an eye on your beloved pets when you’re gone and even cut down your energy bill with a Smart Thermostat!

Home Security Minneapolis

Lloyd Security is a locally owned company that proves the absolute best home security services in Minneapolis and the surrounding cities. There are a lot of other alarm companies that hire contractors to perform the installation, and that’s where Lloyd Security stands out. Lloyd Security uses our security system professionals that are all dedicated, experienced employees and technicians that treat you like family.